Rendezvous was started in 1983 by the City of Moscow and the Moscow Arts Commission in response to citizens’ requests for a summer music festival. After several years, the event became so successful that the Moscow City Council recommended that it be separately organized and operated. In 1990, Rendezvous in Moscow, Inc. was formed as a private, non-profit corporation.

Since its inception, Rendezvous has showcased some of the country’s best musicians, many of whom have gone on to win honors such as The Grammy, the Country Music Award and the Handy Award.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Rendezvous in Moscow, Inc. is to “provide Moscow and Latah County with a quality summer art and music festival that is accessible, enjoyable, and educational for all ages and socioeconomic groups.”


  • To provide artists diverse in gender, culture, and music style
  • To continually upgrade artistic quality
  • To support and encourage local arts and healthy lifestyles
  • To encourage participation by residents of rural communities
  • To encourage participation by tourists and visitors
  • To serve persons who are physically and mentally challenged
  • To encourage participation of families and diverse age groups
  • To expand financially in prudent and responsible ways
  • To keep Rendezvous a grass roots festival